Thursday, March 01, 2007

guardian sand angel

guardian sand angel

it's cold here. i can almost see the outline of the rocks through the fog. i breathe everything in--heavy deep breaths that fill me with salt and cold. i wonder if a girl can make a sand angel. just like a snowman melting in the sun, it could only stay 'til the tide washes the beach clean. besides, the people around me would think i'm crazy laying in the sand. sand stays on skin unlike snowflakes that wither with heat. if i had a guardian angel, she would be made of sand. she would be filled with dynamite and would explode under the stars.


Laura said...

Where are you?!
I'm glad you're taking some time to refresh and relax. I hope it's rejuvinating you!

tiffany said...

I haven't been relaxing. I've been working. I keep starting poems and not getting very far because things happen. I will try to write another poem soon.